Main Hall

The Main Hall size is 16.7 m x 15 m (not including stage).
Stage (to curtains) size is 4.5 m x 7.7 m.
Stage (curtains to edge) size is 1.3 m x 7.7 m
HOURLY RATE (for occasional users): $60 per hour plus GST
HOURLY RATE (for regular users): $50 per hour plus GST
You will also need your own public liability insurance (we keep a copy of your certificate of currency on our records) or for one-off events the church can provide insurance at a minimum cost of $55, depending on the number of people and the type of event.
The Main Hall contents are:
  • 17 long tables under stage (one setup)
  • 1 rectangle table
  • 88 brown chairs (with metal joiners)
  • Stage
  • Piano (extra permission needed to use this)
  • Sound system (ability to use microphones)
  • Access to Main Kitchen (if booked at extra cost).
Heating and Fans in Hall.

Main Hall

Inside Main Hall 2

Stage in Main Hall

Inside Main Hall 1

Main Hall Map