Merl’s Room

Merl’s Room size is 6 m x 7.3 m (not including kitchenette).
HOURLY RATE (for occasional users): $30 per hour plus GST
HOURLY RATE (for regular users): $25 per hour plus GST
You will also need your own public liability insurance (we keep a copy of your certificate of currency on our records) or for one-off events the church can provide insurance at a minimum cost of $55, depending on the number of people and the type of event.
Merl’s Room contents are:
  • 20 chairs
  • 1 large rectangle table
  • 4 long folding table
  • 2 card tables
  • Portable Whiteboard and Projector Screen
  • TV/DVD (moveable between rooms)
  • Access to Small Kitchen with microwave, fridge, oven and urn
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
Wall heater in room.
Air conditioning in room.
Door to outside garden area.

Merl’s Room

Small Kitchen Fridges

Small Kitchen Microwave

Merl’s Room

Merl’s Room Map